Feb. 2011

Internationaler Treff + RheinWine


Hallo Zusammen, wir treffen uns in einem Café.

Wir treffen uns jetzt 2x im Monat in Flingern, Birkenstrasse Ecke -Hermannstrasse im "Plan B".

Internationalen Treff im Café „Plan B“ in Flingern.
S-Bahn Flingern, Strassenbahn 709 ab Hauptbahnhof.

Für weitere Informationen -  Hartmut Lange 0211 26103677 oder 0178 3418629 

Dusseldorf is a city with a large foreign community and a high proportion of single people. Rhein Wine provides an opportunity for young single people - or those who are still young at heart - to get together in a relaxed setting and to speak English and other languages. It is also an ideal forum for native speakers and the group is extremely informal.
Meetings are held once a week on Saturdays. Admission is free. There will also be a variety of other social events in the future, primarily at weekends.
When: Twice a month
Café „Plan B“ in Flingern, Birkenstrasse corner of Hermannstrasse Dusseldorf Flingern

How to contact us: Telephone Hartmut Langer on 0211 2610 3677 or 0178 3418629

The IT is a free-time-fun-time meeting for everybody, a non-profit making venture. We also organise walks in the countryside, visits to museums and famous places and other entertainments e.g. barbecues, ice skating and cinema. The aim of the club is to bring people from different nationalities together in order to share experiences and learn languages.

Leute aus über 15 Nationalitäten treffen sich zum Gedankenaustausch


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