Feb. 2011

Düsseldorf International Meeting

Dusseldorf is a city with a large foreign community and a high proportion of single people. Rhein Wine provides an opportunity for young single people - or those who are still young at heart - to get together in a relaxed setting and to speak English and other languages. It is also an ideal forum for native speakers and the group is extremely informal.

Meetings are held once a week on Saturdays. Admission is free. There will also be a variety of other social events in the future, primarily at weekends.

We would like to make it easy for you to improve your languages skills and make new friends. Those people new to Düsseldorf are especially welcome.

Düsseldorf Internationale Treff is meeting that has been running since 1990. We are a group of friendly and interesting people. Old and young, from various countries, jobs (also au pairs, students) and cultures. There are Germans, Italians, Chinese, Russians and people from around the globe. Representatives of nearly all the languages of the world.

There are no other costs or financial commitments e.g. club or membership fees. Though we used to meet in the library at the VHS we are not part of a school.

At this website you can find out about our programme of events and the meeting place. We also organise walks and museum visits for example.

See the other items on our website. You are also welcome to view our photo album of members and past events. If you have any comments or questions, or would just simply like further information and would like to contact us, click the "Contact" button on this page.

Thanks for checking out out website. We look forward to seeing you personnaly at one of our meetings or events.


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